Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals for Emergencies in Tyler TX

Rent Restroom Trailers for Emergencies in East Texas

Whether you are preparing for a disaster or dealing with the aftermath of one, there is much to think about: safety, food, shelter, for instance. Sometimes people forget the comfort and sanitation needs, but they quickly become apparent as public sanitation services become overwhelmed and shut down. Everyone, from first responders down the the smallest of victims will need access to restroom facilities.

That's where Royal Restrooms comes in. We have the experience to assist quickly and efficiently, with care and compassion, in any scenario, from a house fire to floods, hurricanes, biohazards, and more. Our units meet quality standards for FEMA, the Red Cross, and various governmental agencies. You can rest easy knowing this most basic human need is being addressed quickly and with the utmost quality.

Emergency service delivery is guaranteed any where in the contiguous United States within 24-48 hours of a confirmed agreement.

24 Hour Emergency Response Hotline 800-969-7434

We rent our portable restroom trailers, shower trailers, locker room trailers, and hand wash stations to customers throughout East Texas for disaster relief and any emergency situations where power and water sources are not readily available.